MeI’m Lindsey, and thanks so much for stopping by Suspension of Disbelief.

I love living in the South. Born and raised in Georgia, live in Florida, school in North Carolina – it just doesn’t get better. I went to undergraduate school in Winston-Salem at Wake Forest University, and graduated with my BA in May 2006. I double majored in theatre and English – too much reading for my own good! After briefly dabbling as a business school graduate student, I took a year off from school and just enjoyed life working as a barista (I was promoted to Shift Supervisor in November 2007 and I left the company in May 2009) at Starbucks and as the assistant project manager for E. Webscapes (I am still working with E. Webscapes). Recently I completed my MFA in Performing Arts Management program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  I spend my third year of grad school as the Management Intern at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, and I’m working there in a temporary position until August 2010.  I’m actively seeking permanent employment in the meantime, and when I get tired from all the searching, I just go home and cuddle with my ADORABLE kittens, Oscar (Peterson) and Miles (Davis)!  I also run my own virtual assistance firm for creative companies and organizations called Tizzy Consulting.

As with most people, everything hasn’t been rosy in my life. In May 2000, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been in remission since August 2000, and she is an incredible woman! In February 2003, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer (he has been in remission since March 2003), and in March 2006 he was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. However, throughout all of this, our family has only grown closer to each other, and to God.  I am a strong Christian, and am committed to my faith. You can read more at my faith blog called Reading Red Letters.

My whole life I have loved reading. When I was a little kid, a lot of kids’ parents would punish them by taking away television, not allowing them to go play with friend, but my punishment was that they would take away my books. It was the ONLY way they could get me to behave, LOL! Since graduating I have found that I am reading a lot of frivolous books (read: chick lit), which I can only attribute to exclusively reading real literature and theatrical works for the past eight years of my life. However, I’ll get back to “the real stuff” soon!

I have loved music since I was a small child- really, as long as I can remember. My dad has loved music his whole life and he just kind of passed it down to me I guess. My favorite music is old rock’n’roll and R&B from the 1960’s and 70’s (thanks Daddy), but I also listen to jazz and current popular music. I’m game for pretty much any music, as long as it’s not country. My all time favorite band is The Beatles, but I also love the Temptations, Chicago, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, and Ludacris (yes, random).  I also really enjoy movies, though I don’t know as much about movies as I do about music. I am a HUGE fan of Netflix ;-)! My all-time favorites are Star Wars (V, VI, IV, II, III, I) and the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. More recent favorites include Men in Tights and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. And just to keep the multimedia rolling, I am OBSESSED with my TiVo!

Being from the south, cooking has been a big thing for me. My dad was raised on a farm, and when my parents got married, his mom taught my mother everything she knew. Which was a lot, LOL! I still have a ways to go, but I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at what I do for my age. My favorite meal is fried chicken, rice and gravy, and zipper peas . . . and, like the good southern girl I am, I am obsessed with grits and sweet tea. I’m a huge coffee drinker, which has only gotten worse since I worked at Starbucks – I love Latin American coffees, though my all time favorite is Kona coffee from Hawaii.  I’m also interested in learning more about wine (red wine in particular).  My sweet tooth never gets tired, and I’d love it if they’d find some remarkable health benefits in Oreos and ice cream.

I’ve been blogging since August 2004, and I’ve been on WordPress since February 2005 . . . I consider my blogiversary to be February 24, 2005. I opened my first website, the now defunct site Doodlebug, in July 2004. It had a paid member’s area (Doodlebug Designs) which offered design services for email stationary on several email platforms. Unfortunately I ran out of the time and energy it required to maintain Doodlebug Designs along with my other endeavors, so I closed the doors for good in March 2007. I also switched my hosting over to Blogs-About Hosting in December 2006, and have been very happy with the service I receive there!

And in case that wasn’t enough info about me, I am ALWAYS open to questions. I love responding to questions that people ask me on my blog! So, wanna know something? Ask!

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