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Grandmama’s Biscuits

I treated myself to some of my grandmother’s biscuits this morning.  We make them about the size of a silver dollar, and they are so tasty!  Delicious with a little honey or jelly, they keep great – I’ll be slicing them open and toasting them open-faced for several days! These biscuits are super easy to make.  The key is in what kind of flour you use.

The only flour that my grandmother ever used was White Lily. I’m actually a bit torn about flour right now. I have used White Lily my entire life (mostly because it did right by Grandmama), but now that I’m trying to be more conscious of the ingredients I cook with I’ve got a little thinking to do.  White Lily does not make organic flours (and they also don’t make unbleached all-purpose flour).  I’m curious to know what flours other people use, particularly with baking.  I know that King Arthur carries a lot of different organic flours – is it worth it to switch from the flour that my family has used (literally) for generations?

Any other bakers out there care to weigh in? What flour do you use, and have you experimented with organic flours?

Edit: Pictures were lost when I transferred to a new webhost! 🙁

Recommended “Research”

Eating and supporting organic, sustainable food habits is an important piece to a balanced diet.  I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve been watching and reading that have impacted my view of food and the environment.  I’ll update this post as I encounter more things:

Why Should I Cook for Myself?

Why Should I Pay Attention to Organic/Unprocessed/Local Foods?

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